check drivers installation


  • Tools and Drivers required:

    1. Android Fastboot and mini ADB Drivers with Tools
    2. FRP Unlocker software
    3. A computer running on Windows 7/8/10 OS

  • Follow the instructions below to check drivers installation:

    1. Enable Developer options and USB debugging on your phone
    2. Connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable
    3. Wait until the computer detects the phone
    4. Launch the FRP Unlocker software with admin rights
    5. When a notification appears on the phone screen, allow adb access to the device. The software will scan your phone for such information as phone serial number, model, IMEI number, Android version
    6. If FRP Unlocker displays all the information, then the drivers are installed correctly
    7. If you do not see any information, this means that the drivers are not installed correctly (or you haven't allowed access on the phone screen)
    8. This is all that is needed to check if the drivers are installed correctly or not


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  • 21.03.2020

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